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Videofreex pirate radio LIVE on-the-air! (& the web) again!

LIVE!   August 15   Thursday 7-8:30pm ET

Videofreex Woodstock Festival

50thAnniversary Music Celebration

& Farm Radio Show:

Lanesville TV Special


Entertaining story of the pioneer indy video group told through their farms, which didn’t grow much. Music & Videofreex interviews at the ’69 Woodstock Festival where the first Freex met (Yasgur’s Farm), rare ‘70s music from our Archive, including Buzzy Linhart, Peter Britain & Snow (at Maple Tree Farm) and more. It’s our pirate TV station, Lanesville TV, with no picture. Call in live! (518) 622-2598

Hosts Videofreex Nancy Cain & Bart Friedman with VJ Skip B.

<WGXC Schedule show description>

Tune in LIVE!  August 15  Thursday 7-8:30pm ET  WGXC 90.7-FM

& Streaming LIVE! WaveFarm.org/Listen

LISTEN TO THE SHOW AFTER THE LIVE BROADCAST: link to recorded show follows WGXC schedule show description under “AUDIO” dropdown menu.



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