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Videofreex: Processing Activist Images          Gallery exhibition at TREIZE (Paris)
January 11-February 24, 2017

Curated by Pascaline Morincôme & Sibylle de Laurens

Review: Les Inrocks – Les 5 expos à ne pas rater cette semaine

View Skip’s slideshows with video: Opening | Installation | Live-streaming party


The exhibition chronicles the Freex 1970s political, cultural, artistic and community activities with:

  • 15 restored videos on 10 vintage CRT monitors and HD flatscreen TVs
  • original Videofreexart and artifacts displayed
  • Screening / panel discussionwith Videofreex Mary Curtis Ratcliff, Skip Blumberg, and Webmimg_7203aster/Partner Rhea Kennedy
  • Gala opening party
  • Golden Hours multi-media live-streamed avant-garde variety show / reception for 200
  • Closing night party
  • School of Fine Arts – Paris at Cergy: five-day film production/studies workshop
  • Special guests:
    • Demi Tour de France: Artists/Filmmakers Anouck Lemarquis and Marie Bouthier
    • Artist Paul Collins
    • Artist/Theoretician/Networker Don Foresta
    • Pioneer Indy Filmmaker/Essayist Mark Rappaport
    • International Troublemaker/Independent Curator Klio Krajewska
    • Artist/Cult Film Aficionado David Morgenstein
    • souvenir from earth Cable TV Art Channel Marcus Kreiss
    • Galerist Arnaud Deschin

Exhibition Publications
All text by curators Pascaline Morincôme & Sibylle de Laurens

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