Live from Maple Tree Farm, 2019
Videofreex stand in their vegetable garden at Maple Tree Farm in Lanesville, NY, circa 197-.

Videofreex pirates LIVE on-the-air again!

Videofreex Woodstock Festival
50th Anniversary Music Celebration
& Farm Radio Show:
Lanesville TV Special

Live broadcast from MAPLE TREE FARM!

This radio broadcast told the entertaining story of the pioneer indy video group through our farms, none of which really grew much.

Featuring music and Videofreex interviews at the ’69 Woodstock Festival where the first Freex met (Yasgur’s Farm), rare ‘70s music from our Archive, including electronic music at Ant Farm’s giant inflatable, Buzzy Linhardt in the Videofreex Prince Street NYC studio during the infamous CBS pilot taping, Peter Britton & Snow (multi-camera production on the Maple Tree Farm lawn), poignant portrait “Harriet” excerpt, our other live radio show from Wave Farm, and more. Our pirate TV station, Lanesville TV, was on screen in our living room (now called “Breathe Inn”), albeit with no picture on the WGXC-FM radio show that was locally broadcast and streamed on the web. Hosts Videofreex Nancy Cain, Mary Curtis Ratcliff, Davidson Gigliotti & Bart Friedman with VJ Skip B and WGXC crew. Follow-up to the Videofreex Dance Party for a Change WGXC-FM May 1 2019 live show (Links: Playlist / Music).

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Videofreex and friends try to …., circa 197–

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