TODAY! We’re All Videofreex: The Blue Calzone of events

Blue Calzone c-o Skip

The Blue Calzone floats into early video history in the 1970s. Photo courtesy of Skip Blumberg.

Today is the day for Videofreex members, friends, and early video colleagues to converge and go big. The event bringing them together is the symposium We’re All Videofreex, hosted by New York’s School of Visual Arts. Find out more.

Much like the legendary blow-up viewing venue dubbed the “Blue Calzone,” this event has expanded into a larger experience. The Videofreex members and friends will come together for a reunion of sorts, sort through video archives, and archive their thoughts on the future of the Videofreex partnership. I’m sure much of it will go over my head, though thanks to the YouTube channel, viewing Skip’s Videofreex Pirate TV Show compilation, the Here Come the Videofreex Kickstarter experience, and the group’s generous inclusion of this whipper snapper over the past few years, I’ll be able to keep my head above water.

Keep an eye on the Videofreex blog for an update after the event, and let us know how your head fares.

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