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Reflection on the 1969 CBS "Now Project" – 1972

Reflection on the 1969 CBS “Now Project” – 1972, by Nancy Cain (PDF)

Psychic in Retrospect

Afterword: Psychic in Retrospect, by Nancy Cain (PDF) A meditation on the power of video in the 21st century, written as a second Afterword to her 2011 memoir Video Days.

A Videofreex conspiracy at the Met

On November 9, 2018, a group gathered at the Met Breuer museum for a political art action event, viewing, and discussion of the Fred Hampton Interview tape by Videofreex (1969, 23 min, b&w). Flyer: JOIN THE Videofreex CONSPIRACY! details Slide show: “Join the Videofreex Conspiracy!” at the Met 11/9/18  

Making maple syrup at Maple Tree Farm – the last spring

by Bart In the spring of 1978, our last at Maple Tree Farm, Chuck, Nancy and I, the only remaining Freex living there, tapped the trees surrounding the house in the typical way, using drills, pails and spiles that we cobbled, drilling holes in the trees, but not too many, and emptied the sap into […]

Early video series at Rhizome DC

  Rhizome DC, in collaboration with the Videofreex, presented a series of early video screenings and discussions in 2018. From January to May, Rhizome hosted a monthly event in its cozy community venue in northwest Washington, DC. See the Videofreex at Rhizome Program

How did the Videofreex Archive get to herstory by Mary Curtis

By Skip According to phone conversation Mary Curtis and I recently had (with letters to and from MCR on file that verify some of the process): In 1998 or so, Curtis got curious about an edit of her and Cy Griffin’s September 1971 wedding, with footage from 5 or so portapaks covering the ceremony and […]

Visual Studies Workshop

By Bart Lovely in Rochester on April 22, 2017. Total of 35 rapt attendees. Including old friends Sandy R and R Simmons & Joan Lyons. Beautiful room, great big projection and gracious hosts. Treated me in style. I enjoyed film again and appreciate [Jon & Jenny’s] work and insights.