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Review: Mary Curtis Ratcliff of Videofreex (Documentary Revival)

A review by Kathleen Sachs, originally published on cine-file The Nightingale (1084 N. Milwaukee Ave. [Chicago]) — Wednesday [July 26, 2019], 7pm The poignancy of the three videos included in this program, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the pioneering video collective Videofreex, lies both in how au courant they feel—as documents of a time and […]

Fanelli’s Restaurant: A letter to the New York Times

by Davidson Gigliotti A remembrance letter to the New York Times inspired by “The Bar That Has Fed SoHo for Almost a Century.“ ———– Back in the early ‘70s the Videofreex, a radical video collective intent on reforming the TV industry with the ½” portable video equipment of that time, occupied the top floor of […]

Why did the Freex move to Maple Tree Farm in Lanesville?

By Skip There’s a funny scene in “Here Come the Videofreex” that documents the search for our upstate Media Center in Lanesville/Lanesville TV pirate TV station/home, Maple Tree Farm. Each of the Freex had personal and group reasons for wanting to move out of NYC that included: it was getting too busy in Prince St […]

Visual Studies Workshop

By Bart Lovely in Rochester on April 22, 2017. Total of 35 rapt attendees. Including old friends Sandy R and R Simmons & Joan Lyons. Beautiful room, great big projection and gracious hosts. Treated me in style. I enjoyed film again and appreciate [Jon & Jenny’s] work and insights.

The FCC knew all along: Nancy’s dispatch from Iowa City

In April, Nancy sent a dispatch from an Iowa City screening of “Here Come the Videofreex.” She appeared via video for a Q and A following the film. Here is the slightly edited version: I was on a panel tonight after the screening with, among others, the great Nicholas Johnson, the brilliant liberal member of […]

2015 in review

The Videofreex had a big year in 2015. It included both a new movie and a museum exhibit about the group. Thanks to WordPress, here’s a roundup of what happened on the website in 2015.  Check it out. And happy 2016! Here’s an excerpt: The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog […]

We’re All Videofreex: Changing Media & Social Change from Portapak to Smartphone

  By Davidson Gigliotti, 2013 Why are we still talking about the Videofreex? That was 40 years ago! Clearly, they did distinguish themselves or we would not be discussing them. Just how is a matter for all of you to decide, but the Videofreex began within a context of video activity also worth discussion, if […]

Freex Out! : Social Engagement and Public Program Planning

We held our first meeting at SUNY New Paltz on April 24, 2014 to present exhibition themes to campus and off-campus partners, and to introduce ideas for related public programs and participatory activities. Engagement opportunities are essential for the success of Videofreex: The Art of Guerilla Television. Perhaps the most important contribution that Freex made […]

Alternative media at Goddard

In May 2013, Videofreex members returned to Goddard College more than 40 years after a conference originally drew them. This video, which includes images from the Videofreex, provides a recounting of the Alternative Media Conference and its historical context. The description on YouTube explains: The Alternative Media Conference took place at Goddard College from June […]

We’re All Videofreex postponed!

The event We’re All Videofreex, sadly, has been upstaged by Hurricane Sandy. Organizer Allison Hewitt Ward emailed participants on October 30 to say that the event would be postponed from its November 1 date. As New York City dries out and powers back, we look forward to seeing a new date for the symposium and […]