The FCC knew all along: Nancy’s dispatch from Iowa City

Nancy in Iowa

In April, Nancy sent a dispatch from an Iowa City screening of “Here Come the Videofreex.” She appeared via video for a Q and A following the film. Here is the slightly edited version:

I was on a panel tonight after the screening with, among others, the great Nicholas Johnson, the brilliant liberal member of the FCC from 1968-73.  It was wonderful to finally meet him even though it was virtual. 

He told some stories about when he was a kid and built a radio transmitter with another boy and it was very strong signal and the radio station in his town told them never to do it again, so of course they did.  

I often wondered if Nick had known about us and Lanesville TV when he sat on the commission.  Well the answer is yes. He knew. He would have been there for us just as I had fantasized  he would have been.  When the discussion was over and they were setting up for the next show, Nick took the mike and came over to the screen where I was and pulled up a stool and talked to me for at least ten minutes.  He said he was honored to meet me and said how he had admired the stuff that we did.  I mean, wow.

He is now a law professor at Iowa University.  It was a lively conversation and lasted about forty-five minutes, not counting our private little chat.  Good fun.  They all liked the movie a lot.

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