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March 2014: Videofreex go to Washington

The Videofreex and friends are coming to Washington, D.C. in March. Join us for two events. 1) On Sunday, March 9, the National Gallery of Art will host a screening of Videofreex material and a talk by Videofreex members Skip Blumberg and Parry Teasdale, along with Tom Colley of Video Data Bank. Early Video Pioneers: […]

Report: 14th Media Art WRO Biennale: Alternative Now

Videofreex members travel across the country and around the world to introduce screenings of their work, lead workshops, and present on panels. When the prodigal member returns, he or she emails a candid report to the group. Videofreex.com will feature these event reports from time to time, complete with a unique Videofreex style, winks to […]