The show goes on — and on

Skip Blumberg flyer

Image reproduced with permission.

Thwarted but not deterred by cancellation of its intended premier, Videofreex Pirate TV Show — 21st Century Re-Edit debuted on November 14. Videofreex member Skip Blumberg screened the 77-minute montage of the group’s work at Framingham State University in Massachusetts in a lecture sponsored by the Communication Arts Department, the Art & Music Department, The Danforth Museum, and the FSU Arts & Ideas Council.

Skip reported to the group:

About 25 students and 4 faculty showed up for the screening last night at Framingham State University in MA.

The response was very satisfying.

I gave a 10 minute or so intro setting the context of mainstream TV and alternate culture. Laughs during Sybil, Me’s and Youse, etc. Generally a good feeling in the room. Afterwards there was a 90-minute discussion!!

The older faculty of course were nostalgic. The were a couple of questions by students that will lead to a couple of changes… clarifying that Lanesville TV is the pirate (unlicensed) station, who the Black Panthers are. None of the students owned up to being OWS or political; most film/TV majors. (publicity on campus was only in school of “integrated media.”

Skip will show the video again at Hunter College on November 29.

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