122 laughs at Hunter College

Skip screened the Videofreex Pirate TV Show piece again soon after its debut, this time at Hunter College in New York City. Here is his report:

There was another excellent screening of the Freex Pirate TV Show last night to 30 or so grad students and faculty at Hunter College Integrated Media program.

It was a palpable good vibes feeling in the room verified by 122 audible laughs, guffaws, and chuckles spread throughout (I counted).  A guy named Hugo boosted that figure with about 40 by himself. That means more than a laugh a minute for the general audience.

There was a very energized discussion afterwards with feedback that none of the sections I was worried about lagged. One guy thought there was too much politics and not enuf about tek (he did really like the show overall). Others thought the balance was right.

…The positive FSU preview audience reactions encouraged me to add the extra time for the 77-minute nearly-feature-length, and the Hunter audience did not think it was too long, nor bugged by redundancy of PVR and CBS/Lilly, for instance.

…The show intends to be rebellious including sex, drugs, rock and roll, radical politics and video art, with attendant criticism likely.

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