Photos for the archives and museum

One of the membership perks of the Videofreex Partnership is seeing archival materials as they resurface. The images below are three that made the rounds of the Videofreex email inboxes lately.


Technology geeks of the 1970s gather for a group picture during a conference in Lanesville, NY. Instead of saying cheese, apparently their conceit is to look into the future. Photo courtesy of Videofreex contemporary Dave Jones, also pictured here.

Both photos courtesy of Dave Jones,

Both photos courtesy of Dave Jones,

1975 meeting of video engineers at the Videofreex house, Lanesvi

This version of the picture was restored by Jones a few years ago. Note the smoother edges, lack of thumbtack imprint and exact dates of the conference.






Chuck at workbench

My father, Chuck Kennedy, at his work bench in the Maple Tree Farm studio. You can see why the Videofreex called their guide to video production The Spaghetti City Video Manual. Photo courtesy of Skip Blumberg.


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