Videofreex and friends gather in NYC


Mini reunion photo courtesy of Skip Blumberg.

Mini reunion photo by Cathy Weis.

Thanks to a New York City visit by Videofreex member David Cort (a.k.a. DC), a small reunion took place on May 22. Fellow member Skip Blumberg wrote the message below to the group. Parry is of course Videofreex member Parry Teasdale, and the “doc” is the feature-length documentary Here Come the Videofreex. The report:

Thanks to Pedro (and Leah in absentia) for hosting the swell Freex DC get together (he was in NYC for small Brandeis reunion).

David’s cousin Andy Cort and his daughter are the mystery guests in the photo. They moved to Woodstock, NY a few months ago.

Parry’s attendance was a wonderful surprise (we missed Carol who was under the weather but sent delish cake).

Jon Nealon’s attendance also brought us very positive news of the doc’s progress (2/3 complete!) and his confidence in its positive completion.

Special thanks to Piper [Cort] for making this happen and for her jolly spirit (with lots of detailed stories at the party).

The event coincided with a new solo exhibition by Mary Curtis Ratcliff, whom Skip also mentioned and congratulated in his email. So the band is still together–if not always physically, then in spirit and artistic support.

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